Student Support

The William States Lee College of Engineering believes in learning by doing, so all of our programs include a practical component. Freshmen design and build projects ranging from spring-powered cars, to computer chip circuits, to balsa wood bridges. Hands-on learning continues throughout the curriculum. In the senior year, students team up to tackle real-world industrial projects such as bomb-detecting robots and high-pressure piping systems for nuclear power plants. Below are some of the programs to help you reach your goals.

Program Type of Support Offered To
Freshman Learning Community (FLC) Residential learning community, onsite classes and tutoring, out- of-class learning Freshmen
Engage ME! College of Engineering multicultural engineering program All students, but particularly Native American, Black, and Hispanic students
Leadership Academy Leadership training based on corporate modules Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
Maximizing Academic and Professional Success (MAPS) Program Peer transition coaching, Supplemental Instruction, tutoring All students but particularly new freshmen and transfer students


Information on internships, Cooperative Education (co-ops), professional  licensure, employer recruiting, job search, networking events and the annual fall Picnic

All years but especially Juniors, Seniors and Alumni

Industrial Solutions Laboratory (ISL) and Senior Design Senior Design Expo, industry networking Seniors