Fall 2019 Senior Design Expo

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The William States Lee College of Engineering held its fall-semester Senior Design Expo on December 6, 2019. There were 32 teams (21 industry-supported and 11 departmental) who started in spring 2019 and presented their completed two-semester projects, and 65 teams (44 industry and 21 departmental) who started in fall 2019 and presented their first-semester design-concept posters. Overall, there were 152 second-semester, 375 first-semester, and 37 Civil Engineering students participating.

The three completed projects judged the best were:

First Place – Atrium Health - Variable Cadence Orthodic and Prosthetic Data Capture and Analysis Device
Project Overview – The team designed a variable cadence orthodic device that can be embedded in orthotics or prosthetics to capture utilization and activity for the Atrium Musculoskeletal Institute.
Team members Spenser Brown, Paul Coady, Nathan Turnbow, Joseph Valle and Jonathan Wolters.

Second Place – ASMO, a subsidiary of Denso - Design Tolerancing to Improve Power Window Motor Vibration Performance
Project Overview – The project focused on designing a new power window motor with reduced vibration frequencies on the initial build to be used in a variety of cars/trucks produced in North America.
Team members Yousif Alebeed, Keaton Cooper, Pranav Nair, William Standifer, Michael Stewart and Rusian Yarotskiy.

Third Place – Highland Composites - Universal Silicone Mold and Extractor for Carbon Fiber Tube Production
Project Overview - The team designed a mold/tooling system that allows reinforcement for carbon fiber tubes to be placed into a mold, saturated with resin and cured, and then safely separated without risk of damaging the composite material.
Team members William Gooding, Ryan Heavner, Sarvesh Mehendale, Taylor Pearce, Daniel Saraphis, Jacod Stiller and Evan Walsh.

The Best Project Videos can be viewed here.
A photo gallery of the Expo is here.