Math Placement

Process for Placement in the First Mathematics Course

First Semester Mathematics Course by Major

Major Course # Course Name
Fire and Safety Engineering Technology: Fire Safety Concentration MATH 1100 College Algebra
Fire and Safety Engineering Technology: Fire Protection Concentration MATH 1103 Pre-Calculus
Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering Technology MATH 1103 Pre-Calculus
Construction Management MATH 1103 Pre-Calculus
Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, and Systems Engineering MATH 1241 Calculus I

Math Level Placement Based on SAT or ACT Math Score 

< 510 < 480 < 18 1 MATH 0900 Math Study Skills/Algebra Review
510 - 560 480 - 540 18 - 22 2 MATH 1100 College Algebra
570 - 620 550 - 600 23 - 25 3 MATH 1103 Pre-Calculus
630 - 800 610 - 800 26 - 36 4 MATH 1241 Calculus

Engineering Technology and Construction Management students who have a math level 3 or 4 are required to take Pre-Calculus (MATH 1103). Students who have AP credit for Calculus will be placed in Calculus for Engineering Technology (MATH 1121).

Students with AP or transfer math credit will be placed in their first mathematics course based on the class level of the credit received at the time of SOAR.1 If students do not have AP or math transfer credit, the math SAT score or math ACT equivalent (whicher is higher) will be used to place students in their first mathematics course.

Transfer students2, adult students, or international students who do not have a math SAT score, math ACT score, or math transfer credit will complete a hard copy mathematics placement test to determine their first mathematics course. The math placement test is a 25 question, 30 minute test. Calculators are not allowed. Visit to learn more about the math placement test and when it is offered.

Students who do not place into the appropriate first semester math course will have an opportunity to move up one level during the Summer before their first semester. These options are discussed in the New Student Checklist.  

1 Students must contact their academic advisor when their AP or college transfer credit is available on their UNC Charlotte transcript. The advisor will assist them in revising their course schedule.
2 Transfer students must complete Pre-Calculus with at least a grade of C in order to be admissible to engineering.