Student Grievance Procedures


  1. Students in the College of Engineering who feel they have received unfair or improper treatment are encouraged to address grievances informally through discussion with appropriate faculty or administrators.
  2. A student who finds informal resolution unsatisfactory may file a formal grievance at the Office of the Dean of Engineering. The grievance must be written, dated, and signed by the student, and must
    1. describe succinctly the grievance and the facts related to the grievance;
    2. identify the individuals against whom the grievance is directed;
    3. state the relief the student is seeking with respect to the grievance; and
    4. describe steps previously taken to resolve the grievance informally.
  3. The Dean of Engineering will review the grievance, make such investigations as he or she deem appropriate, and provide the student with a written response to the grievance within a reasonable time.

cc: Academic Affairs
Department Chairmen

Rev. 8/84