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Freshman Advising information

All College of Engineering freshmen are advised in the Office of Student Development and Success (OSDS) until they successfully complete the freshman curriculum and are moved to their academic department. All freshman advisors are available to meet with students during office hours and by appointment. Students who need additional help during registration may schedule an appointment through Connect.

Prior to registration, students must complete the pre-registration advising process and develop a proposed class schedule (Plan of Study) for the upcoming semester based on the Academic Plan for the student's major. An advising (registration) hold is placed on every student until the advising process is successfully completed and approved by the student's academic advisor. 

Pre-registration advising information and University policies and procedures related to advising are communicated via 49er email only. Advising for spring semester course registration usually begins after fall break. Advising for summer and fall semester course registration usually begins after spring break. The freshman advising period is typically about three weeks. Students who do not complete the advising process by the deadline will not be able to meet with an advisor and register for classes until the beginning of the next semester. Students should check their 49er email for specific instructions and important deadlines.

Links for New Freshmen and Students Completing 1000-Level Courses
Links for Students Advised Within Their Academic Department

Change of major process

An undergraduate student may change from one degree program or college when space is available. Most colleges and programs have different policies and requirements for accepting new majors. For example, most departments require that you be in good academic standing. Some majors may have limited space and therefore have very competitive requirements. It is important that students work with the appropriate department to submit their change of major request.

Current Lee College of Engineering Students

Freshmen advised by OSDS who wish to change their major must contact their academic advisor to initiate the process. The email must include student ID, current major, and intended major. Requests will be reviewed by the Director of Freshman Advising. Students will be notified of a decision via their 49er email.

Students who are advised by their major department and are interested in changing to another College of Engineering degree program must contact the new major department or visit their website for admission eligibility and instructions on how initiate the change of major.

Students wishing to change to a non-College of Engineering major must visit the new major department or the University Advising Center (Colvard North 2200) to complete the Change of Major process.

Engineering Admissions Criteria for Currently Enrolled Non-Engineering Students

Currently enrolled UNC Charlotte students who wish to change to an engineering major must first satisfy the following requirements in order to be considered eligible for admission:

  1. Complete the freshman engineering curriculum as outlined in the program Academic Plan of Study.
  2. Complete all non-elective courses in the freshman engineering curriculum with a grade of C or better.
  3. Earn a 2.5 cumulative GPA (3.0 cumulative GPA for mechanical engineering).
  4. Pass all courses within three attempts (two attempts for mechanical engineering) which includes withdrawing from a course with a grade of W.

The Academic Plan of Study ( identifies the courses required in the four-year curriculum and in some cases also specifies pre- and co-requisites and which courses require a grade of C or better. Upon satisfying all of the above requirements students may request admission to an engineering program by submitting a complete Change of Major packet:

  • Print an unofficial copy of academic transcript
  • Highlight all D, F, and W grades on the transcript
  • Take highlighted transcript to new major department to complete the Change of Major process

Introduction to Engineering I and II, Introduction to Engineering Technology and Sophomore-level courses

Non-engineering majors cannot take any sophomore-level and higher courses until they are admitted to an engineering program. Non-engineering majors cannot enroll in ENGR 1201 (Introduction to Engineering I) or ETGR 1201 (Introduction to Engineering Technology) during the fall semester, but may enroll during the spring or summer if seats are available. Non-engineering students must request entry to a discipline-specific section of ENGR 1202 via the respective academic department:

Civil and Environmental Engineering (3242 EPIC)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (2242 EPIC)
Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science (380 Duke Centennial Hall)
Systems Engineering (206 Cameron Hall)

Engineering Technology and Construction Management Admissions Criteria

Current UNC Charlotte students who are interested in changing majors to Engineering Technology or Construction Management are invited to attend a departmental change of major information session. The information sessions introduce the majors available in the Engineering Technology and Construction Management department and describe the change-of-major process. To register for a change of major information session, please visit:

Summer classes at other institutions - transient study

With approval, students may complete summer coursework at other two- and four-year institutions. More information on the steps the must be complete to gain approval and credit are here.


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