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Information Session Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in The William States Lee College of Engineering. The College Information Sessions provides an overview of all programs, college policies and admission requirements. The information sessions are held at 12:30 on some Mondays during the months of September - May. During the months of May - August, the information sessions will not be offered due to New Student Orientation sessions that takes place during the summer. If an information session is cancelled for any reason, we will attempt to contact you at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session.

Guests are asked to check in for the information sessions in Smith Hall, room 228 during the months of September - May. To find suggested parking locations, please visit the Information Session FAQ page.

Please note the information sessions do not include a tour of the Engineering facilities. Guests may choose to contact specific departments to schedule a tour. Contact information to schedule a tour can be found on the Information Session FAQ page.


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