Newly accepted transfer students are required to attend one of UNC Charlotte's Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) session. The university understands that transfer students may have attended orientations at other institutions. However, just as no two students are alike, no two institutions are exactly the same; SOAR provides a very valuable resource for incoming transfer students in the Lee College of Engineering..

In addition to getting oriented to UNC Charlotte in general, students attending a SOAR session may use the second half of each session to meet their college faculty, advisors and administrators. During this time, new transfer students are also able to register for their major courses for the upcoming semester.

UNC Charlotte uses the Banner Student Registration system. If a student has never navigated through this system, there is no better time than SOAR to ask for help with registration from faculty, staff and student orientation counselors. If classes are full or if prior transfer courses are not being properly recognized by our system, the staff on hand during SOAR can provide authorizations and/or permits that enable students to register for the courses they need.

Click here to register for a SOAR session.