Engineering Admission Requirements


Students interested in declaring majors in the Lee College of Engineering must meet the Transfer Admission Requirements established by UNC Charlotte. In addition, students must earn a minimum 2.5 transfer GPA (minimum 3.0 transfer GPA for Mechanical Engineering) and complete a pre-calculus equivalent (MAT 172 or 175 at North Carolina community colleges) prior to admission. All previous college coursework will be used to calculate the transfer GPA.

New transfer students cannot enter into the College of Engineering as undecided, therefore, new transfer students must declare a specific major in the College of Engineering. Please review the department's website to understand the degree progression and curriculum requirements.

To increase the rate of progression through the undergraduate plans of study, transfer students are encouraged to complete Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics courses before entering the university. These courses are pre-requisites for most courses. Students who have not completed these courses can still be admitted, but will have freshman standing in the college. Most majors accept a science elective as well. Please see the Academic Plan of Study for your intended major for details on acceptable science electives.