Freshman Learning Community

The College of Engineering Learning Community (FLC) offers you a unique opportunity for successfully completing your degree. With the challenges of the rigorous curriculum, your first year can be very demanding. Therefore, learn what it takes to achieve excellence with the support of a tight-knit community of persevering students who share common goals and interests.

The Engineering FLC is open to all traditional freshmen who have been accepted to the Lee College of Engineering. It is a residential program. Students accepted to the FLC live in Hawthorn Hall for two semesters (fall and spring).

The FLC offers suite living in Hawthorn Hall. Each 4-person suite has two bedrooms, a bathroom and living room. The basement has a laundry room, game room/TV area and a full-size classroom.

The FLC supports students' success by offering programming targeted to three key areas:

  • Learning about the profession
  • Learning the skills it takes to be a successful CoE student
  • Building a sense of community

Visit the Freshman Learning Community page on the the Office of Student Development and Success website.