ENGR 1201 Math Pre-requisite Program

Prior to enrolling in your first engineering course, engineering students must complete the Engineering Pre-requisite program.   It is best if you can complete the program prior to attending your SOAR session in the summer to be able to develop a complete schedule for your first semester. If you do not complete the Pre-requisite program by August 13, 2017, you will not be allowed to register for your introductory engineering course until the following semester, which may delay your progress in the College.

  • All College of Engineering freshmen who are eligible to take ENGR 1201, Introduction to Engineering Principles and Practices I, must complete the Engineering Pre-requisite program prior to August 13, 2017 to enroll in the course. 
  • Engineering technology and construction management majors who are eligible to take ETGR 1201, Introduction to Engineering Technology, are strongly encouraged to complete the Engineering Pre-requisite program prior to taking the course.
  • Completion of the Engineering Pre-requisite is required of all students prior to registering for ENGR 1201, regardless of your prior math course completion, major,  or math placement level.

The Engineering Pre-requisite program is an on-line, self-paced review of math topics you should know from your prior math courses, including algebra,  geometry, problem solving skills, and basic trigonometry.  The program is furnished by an external vendor, McGraw-Hill Education. Students purchase access to the program directly from the publisher using information provided to them upon admission to the College of Engineering.  Instructions for enrolling and completing the program, including the appropriate course access codes, will be sent to students following their admission to the College. The College has negotiated a six-week access period for $30.

Depending on initial competency level, students should expect to spend an average of 16 - 20 hours on the program. The deadline for completion is August 13, 2017.  You must contact your academic advisor upon completion of the program to make any necessary changes in your course registration, including adding the Introduction to Engineering course, ENGR 1201.

Registration Instructions for the Engineering Pre-requisite

Once you receive the course access code from the College of Engineering, log in to Student Registration Instructions for directions to access the on-line Engineering Pre-requisite. When registering for the program, use your UNC Charlotte student ID number and UNC Charlotte email account. If you have used ALEKS before and have an existing ALEKS login, please set up a new login using your UNC Charlotte credentials (Student ID number and email).