Academic and Professional Success

We Help Orient


  The Office of Student Development and Success (OSDS) is a place where students are encouraged to develop a passion and sense of pride for their education and chosen profession through hands-on courses and exciting extra-curricular programs.  OSDS is the entry point for all College of Engineering (COE) freshmen during SOAR (orientation). OSDS faculty and staff communicate many new messages to students during the first year including:
  • The curriculum requires hard work (40+ hours of study per week outside of class).
  • Your experience is nothing like high school (unless you took AP classes each year).
  • First year success demands an extremely high level of commitment and individual motivation.

We Offer Support

OSDS is the place of tremendous support. This is a place where first-year College of Engineering students like you can develop firm academic, personal, and professional foundations as you navigate your way to your sophomore year and beyond. OSDS helps you become independent learners and problem-solvers. Below are some of the programs we offer to help you reach your goals.

Support Name Type of Support Support Offered To

COE Freshman Learning Community

Residential learning community, onsite classes and tutoring, out-of-class learning


The Leadership Academy

Leadership training based on corporate modules

Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors

Maximizing Academic and Professional Success (MAPS) Program

Peer transition coaching, Supplemental Instruction, tutoring

All students but particularly new freshmen and transfer students

Professional Development

Internships (49erships), Cooperative Education (Co-op), ENGR 3295, Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam, Etiquette Dinner, Fall Picnic, Mock Interviews

All years but especially

Juniors, Seniors

Industrial Solutions Laboratory (ISL)

Senior Design Expo, industry networking


We Help Freshmen Succeed

OSDSFreshmen can expect an exciting and challenging first year; one that is much different from high school. Depending on your major and mathematics placement exam score, you will either take Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 1201) or Introduction to Engineering Technology (ETGR 1201). “1201”, as we affectionately call it, is an intense hands-on course. It teaches the engineering design process and the art of being proactive, among other paradigm-shifting concepts.

All new freshmen students receive academic advising through OSDS. Your Freshman Advisor is assigned during SOAR (orientation).  Most of our advisors have worked as practicing engineers and engineering leaders. Because of this, they offer special insight into what it takes to be a professional and they also know what it will take to survive the rigorous technical curriculum the College offers.


We Develop Leaders

COE students who matriculate into their major departments can still benefit from OSDS programs, resources, and professional networking events. We offer both informal and formal opportunities for sophomores, juniors, and seniors to develop leadership and other professional skills.

The effectiveness of our work can be seen in our graduates. Our graduates work for companies like AREVA, BMW, Duke Energy, Freightliner, Hendrick Motorsports, Ingersoll-Rand, Jacobs Engineering, Siemens, CB&I and AECOM (to name a few). Our college is producing leaders in their fields of expertise. That speaks volumes.