Tire Talk , A Drive Down Memory Lane - May 19, 2013

We in The William States Lee College of Engineering UNC Charlotte, are dedicated to preserving the memory of Alan Kulwicki. The legacy of Alan is of special significance because of his mark on the profession as the first degreed engineer to win the sports notable prize all while owning and operating his own team.  Tire Talk gave attendees a rare opportunity to hear stories and tall tales from the men who were behind Alan during that championship season, and knew him best.

The list of attendees include:

  • Brian Whitesell
  • Cal Lawson
  • Danny Cameron
  • Ed Leslie
  • Joe Covington
  • Tom Roberts
  • Gary Preziosi
  • Peter Jellen
  • Randy Clary
  • Ron Viccaro
  • Shane Parsnow

The event was moderated by John Roberts, host of NASCAR RaceDay and NASCAR Victory Lane from the Speed Channel. John has been in racing for a long time and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience.

UNC Charlotte is unique in that it offers a degree that is specific to the sport of racing. Many of our students reflect the drive of Alan Kulwicki and his engineering approach to racing. Proceeds for the event will go to benefit the Alan Kulwicki Memorial Scholarship to ensure that his legacy in engineering and racing live on!

It is our goal to increase the Alan Kulwicki Memorial Scholarship with the hope of one day providing an endowment fund large enough that each student who receives the scholarship will have their entire tuition covered for a full four (4) years.

It is with great appreciation, we would like to say thank you to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company and friends who started this scholarship along with a thank you to the Kulwicki family. In 2009, the Kulwicki family contributed $1.9 million to support the Motorsports engineering program in the William States Lee College of Engineering. This generous contribution furthers the impact of the Kulwicki scholarship and the legacy of a racing champion.